Darkness Untold

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Inhumane. By Jazamine Lake

Writing and Covers

As you will see, the covers are well done for my books, I take great pride in how they look. I make their covers and if you like them or wish for your own, please contact me. They are only done digitally and will have to be sent via WhatsApp Messenger or Gmail (email too) as if they are sent for example via Instagram, their quality is ruined.

(´∧ω∧`*) I absolutely love writing! I've been doing it for years and it's still so much fun. My first book was written in primary school (middle school) and I read it out to the class who all loved it and wanted me to write more. Since then, I have been writing. I find it very relaxing and a way to be free. I've had these books in my head for some years and did write it at first, however I did not like the old version and edited all over. The rest of the books are a work in progress.\

  I really want them to be good because I have plans for they to change my life and make it so much better. My dreams for these books include, well being an inspiration to others and helping those who are in need. If you would like to support, all I wish is that your read the books. I don't want much. Just for you to read or follow me on Ig and Twitter. That's all and Thank you so much !~❀(*´▽`*)❀.

For centuries, a supernatural battle raged in the dark. And for ages man thought themselves superior to that of Nature. Little did they know of what the Darkness had Untold...


The first book of the series. The Dark romance between a half breed and a King. As they uncover their untold bond and love. 

Said by Validity, mother of Vanessa.

Fear what the Darkness has Untold- JL

The Wattpad Free App

  Professionally, I would recommend anyone who has the Gift of Writing to use Wattpad if they wish to further their dreams and achieve something. It is an easy to use app with no payments and only Gmail requirements. The app has a wide range of books from fantasy to children books. All in different languages and from amazing writers unknown and known.  





 Personally, I love this app and will always. There is books and more for everyone. If you're a Poem person, Wattpad is also the place for you. Like to rant, write it out! Wattpad is free and fun! The books are amazing and in variety. I definitely recommend this app for aspiring Authors, such as myself. 

  However this is just my view. Check out the App if you would like to see for yourself. 



Thanks and enjoy reading!

“Writing is Freedom of the Mind. ” - JL

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Welcome to the Darkness Untold Series.

  This series will include a set of books written by myself. The books are all supernatural and fantasy with romantic twists, so look forward to them. Currently I'm working on three books and they are on the Wattpad free App. 


   I've been writing for more than three years and have big dreams in the need of support to pursue them. 


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Extract from the Darkness Untold series.

A thrilling romance between a dying human and a Vampire warrior. Find out what happens in this forbidden love story. Coming soon.

Edited version of Darkness~ by Myself.

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